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George Speri Sperti


Covington, USA, 17/1/1900 - Cincinnati, USA, 29/4/1991
Titolo Professore di Fisica, St Thomas Institute, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Nomina 28/10/1936
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Summary of scientific research
Developed selective irradiation process for establishing wavelengths of radiations effective in photo-biological and photo-biochemical reactions. 
Conductive research resulting in process for irradiation of milk for vitamin D production; sterilization of enzymes for inactivation of enzymes in food; ultraviolet lamps for use in sunlamps and commercial irradiation; development of practical fluorescent lamps.
Co-discovered cellular respiratory stimulators which reduce toxicity of anti-cancer drugs, toxins, antibiotics, and germicides without destroying germicidal activity.
Developed wound-healing agents; the principal ingredient in Preparation H.
Discovered substances, now known as probiotics, which induce resistance to certain pathogens; highly effective on penicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Some probiotics produced synthetically.
Invented K-va and Polyphase Power Factor Meter.
Built apparatus to bombard organisms with low-velocity electrons.
Demonstrated that magnetic fields can influence cellular respiration.
Organized non-military research for United States during World War II.
160 Issued Patents.
The commercial research cited were conducted to gain financial support for basic research which could not be adequately supported by the University of Cincinnati or by the Catholic Church or Cincinnati.