Accademici defunti

Abdus Salam


Jhang, Pakistan, 29/1/1926 - Oxford, Gran Bretagna, 21/11/1996
Titolo Professore di Fisica, Centro Internazionale di Fisica Teorica, Trieste. Premio Nobel in Fisica, 1979
Nomina 12/5/1981

Summary of scientific research
Scientific contributions: research on physics of elementary particles. Particular contributions: two-component neutrino and parity violation in weak interaction; gauge unification of weak and electromagnetic interactions; predicted existence of weak neutral currents and W, Z particles before their experimental discovery; symmetry properties of elementary particles; unitary symmetry; renormalization theory; gravity theory and its role in particle physics; two tensor theory of gravity and strong interaction physics; unification of electroweak with strong nuclear forces, grand (electronuclear) unification; and related prediction of proton-decay; supersymmetry theory, in particular, superspace and superfields.