Accademici defunti

Giovanni Battista Marini-Bettòlo


Roma, 27/6/1915 - 22/7/1996
Titolo Professore di Chimica, Università di Roma
Nomina 22 aprile 1968

Summary of scientific research
The main line of research developed in about 50 years has been the relationship between chemical structure and biological activity of synthetic and natural products.
The main area of research has been the chemical study of plant secondary metabolites; this has made it possible to isolate products of a certain interest like olivacine, tingenone, vismiones, hypoxoside and nyasoside.
At present he is engaged in the study of the chemical basis of plant resistance mainly of some cereals (sorghum and rice) and the protection of crops by natural means.
Another field of research is the isolation and identification of the active principles of plants used in traditional medicine. He has also contributed to the study of the chemistry of arrow poisons, e.g., curare, and of Strychnos alkaloids. 
In order to separate the complex mixtures of natural products he has developed advanced techniques based on distribution between phases (chromatography and counter current distribution).
During his work at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome (1949-71) he promoted research on the protection of the environment.


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Contributo alla conoscenza del meccanismo d'azione dell'antibiosi tra microorganismi (Nota riassuntiva) (PDF) 1945