Scripta Varia

Cell Biology and Genetics


Proceedings of the Workshop
Cell Biology and Genetics
23-24 October 2017
Scripta Varia 137
Vatican City 2018
pp. 332
ISBN 978-88-7761-112-3


Opening Session

Objectives of the Workshop
Edward De Robertis

H.E. Msgr. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo

Biophysics and Membrane Biology Session

Biophysics and Biochemistry in Singulo: When Less is More
Carlos Bustamante

Transient Receptor Potential Channels as Sensors of Heat and Pain
Ramón Latorre

Is the Inflammatory Response the Cause of Tissue Dysfunction in Chronic Diseases?
Juan Carlos Sáez

Free Radicals, Oxidants and Antioxidant Systems in Physiology and Disease
Rafael Radi

The Role of Glucosylation and Demannosylation on the Quality Control of Glycoprotein Folding in the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Armando J. Parodi

Genetics Session

Design of Novel Regulatory Gene Circuits in Plant Cells using Recombinase Serine Integrases
Elibio Rech

Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Adaptation to Hypoxia
Pablo Wappner

How Chloroplast-derived Signals Influence Leaf Developmental Fate; the Voice of the Slave
Patricia León

Nitrogen Fixation and Tropical Crops
María Luisa Izaguirre

Molecular Genetics of Plant Cell Resistance to Stress
Luis R. Herrera Estrella

Cell Signaling and Developmental Biology Session

On the Origin of Life on Earth
Rafael Vicuña

Regulation of Protein Degradation by Wnt Signaling
Edward De Robertis

Neurobiology Session

Sound Perception: From the Ear to the Brain and Back
Ana Belén Elgoyhen

New Insights About the Biology of Zika Virus Using Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell
Stevens Rehen

Biomedicine Session

Endothelial Cells in Physiology and Medicine
Salvador Moncada

Physiopathology of the Cerebrovascular System: Advances from Genomics
Conrado J. Estol

The Methylome as an Example of the Contribution of Basic Research to Solving Medical Problems in the Third World
Rafael J. Apitz-Castro

Applications of Physics to Cell Biology
Vanderlei S. Bagnato

RNA Processing, Ageing and Neurodegeneration
Francisco E. Baralle

Translating the ‘Sugar Code’ into Immune and Vascular Programs: from Basic Discovery to Drug Design
Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Closing Session

General Discussion: Improving Scientific Cooperation in Latin America

Academia de Ciencias de América Latina 35
Claudio Bifano

Intracontinental Scientific Collaborations
Luiz Davidovich

Science and Technology Initiatives of the Department of State of the USA
Franklin A. Carrero-Martinez

Final Statement


Cell Biology and Genetics

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