On the road to humanity - Via Humanitatis - The main stages of the morphological and cultural evolution of Man. The emergence of the human being

Introduction au colloque. Mons. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo

Introduction au colloque. Cardinal Roger Etchegaray

La station debout: étrange adaptation au premier... Prof. Yves Coppens

Bipedality: Why and how? Prof. Ian Tattersall

General Discussion                                                                               

Aspects of the First Humans Out of Africa. Prof. D. Lordkipanidze

The Early Acheulean Technology. The Emergence of Symmetry. Prof. Beyene

Introduction au colloque • President Werner Arber

Introduction au colloque. Prof. Henry de Lumley

Discussion sur le texte du Prof. Y. Coppens

Discussion sur le texte du Prof. I. Tattersall

Invention de l’outil et acquisition du langage articulé. Prof. de Lumley

Discussion sur le texte du Prof. Lordkipanidze

General Discussion


Via Humanitatis

Workshop 19-21 April 2013 -There is no doubt that, for the human being, the history of humanity... Read more