Chemical Events in the Atmosphere and Their Impact on the Environment

Study Week 7-11 November 1983 – The problem of the impact on the environment, or better, on the biosphere, of chemical events occurring in the atmosphere is at present of considerable importance. [...] In the last decade many experiments have been made in stratosphere and troposphere chemistry, as well as in the laboratory on models, on the causes of acid depositions and on the role of fluorocarbons on the ozone layer and the impact of the CO2 increase in the atmosphere on the climate and on oceans. The studies have given important results for our knowledge and for the advancement of science. [...] Nevertheless, not all scientists fully agree on the interpretations of the above data since the phenomena are numerous and complex. This appears very clearly if one goes through the literature of the last years, and even of the last weeks, where many discrepant interpretations are found of the chemical events which occur in the atmosphere. [...]

G.B. Marini-Bettòlo


James G. Anderson
Frank Arnold
Cyrill Brosset
Vittorio Canuto
William L. Chameides
Paul Crutzen
Giorgio Fiocco
F. Kenneth Hare
Carleton J. Howard
Wilhelm Knabe
J. Låg
Arnaldo Liberti

Thomas F. Malone
G.B. Marini-Bettòlo
David Phillips
Alberte Pullman
Silvio Ranzi
Roger Revelle
F.S. Rowland
Eneas Salati
Shem O. Wandiga
John Wiesenfeld
Veronica M. Bierbaum


Chemical Events in the Atmosphere

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1983, 12 November

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