Nervecells, Transmitters and Behaviour


Study Week 9-14 October 1978

I. Sympathetic, Pheochromocytoma and Neuroblastoma Cells: In Vivo and in Vitro Studies
New Features of the Nerve Growth Factor-Target Cells Interaction (R. Levi-Montalcini)
Can Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) Play a Transcription-Dependent “Instructive” Role During Development? Evidence from Studies with Clonal Pheochromocytoma Cells (L. Greene)
Studies on the Mechanism of NGF-Induced Neurite Growth (P. Calissano)
Tumor Specific Surface Properties of Malignant C1300 Neuroblastoma Cells(R. Revoltella)
Synapse Plasticity (M. Nirenberg)
Synapse Formation of Continuous Cell Lines (P. Nelson)

II. Identification and Mechanisms of Neurotransmitters
y-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA): A Major Inhibitory Transmitter in the Vertebrate Nervous System (E. Roberts)
Mechanisms of GABA Release and Reuptake in Presynaptic Nerve Endings (G. Levi)
The Role of Prostaglandins and Cyclic Nucleotides in Tremors and Convulsions (R. Paoletti)
Neurotransmitters, Cotransmitters, Neuromodulators and Trophic Factors in the Autonomic Nervous System (G. Burnstock)
Histochemical Characterization of Neuron Populations: Immunocytochemical Studies on Transmitter Related Substances (T. Hökfelt)
Studies on the Mechanism of Release of Biogenic Amines from Cerebral Nerve Endings (M. Raiteri)
Dopamine Dependent Modulation of cAMP Level in the Chick Retina (F. De Mello)

III. Enkephalins: Synthesis, Function and Receptor Mechanisms
Enkephalins: Receptors, Biosynthesis and Release (H.W. Kosterlitz)
Endorphins and the Endogenous Control of Pain (L. Terenius)
Hybrid Cells as Model for Studying Opioid Action (B. Hamprecht)

IV. Specificity in Neuronal Connections and Plasticity in the Immature and Mature Nervous System
Maturational Changes in the Development of Motor Innervation in Chick Embryo (G. Filogamo)
Prespecification and Plasticity in Neurogenesis (V. Hamburger)
Biochemical Control of Synapse Formation “In Vivo” (E. Giacobini)
On the Regulation of the Number and Distribution of Acetylcholine Receptors in Skeletal Muscle (D. Fambrough)
Selective Innervation of Mammalian Sympathetic Ganglion Cells (D. Purves)
Interaction between Inactivity and Nerve Degeneration in the Origin of Denervation-Induced Changes in Skeletal Muscle (A. Cangiano)

V. Hemispheric Specialization: Studies in the Split and Intact Brain
Events-Related Potentials in the Cerebral Cortex (J. Eccles)
The Problem of Hemispheric Specialisation in Animals (L. Weiskrantz)
Complementary Functional Specializations of the Human Cerebral Hemispheres (B. Milner)
Cerebral Asymmetry and its Variations in the Human Brain (J. Levy)
Cortical and Subcortical Routes for Visual Interhemispheric Transfer in the Cat (G. Berlucchi)

List of Participants

Dr. G. Levi
Prof. R. Levi-Montalcini
Dr. J. Levy
Dr. P.G. de Mello
Prof. B. Milner
Prof. P.G. Nelson
Prof. M. Nirenberg
Prof. R. Paoletti
Prof. D. Purves
Prof. M. Raiteri

Prof. R. Revoltella
Prof. E. Roberts
Dr. L. Terenius
Prof. L. Weiskrantz
Prof. G. Berlucchi
Prof. G. Burnstock
Prof. P. Calissano
Prof. A. Cangiano
Prof. C. Chagas
Prof. J. Eccles

Prof. D. Fambrough
Prol. G. Filogamo
Prof. E. Giacobini
Prof. L.A. Greene
Prof. V. Hamburger
Dr. B. Hamprecht
Prof. T. Hökfelt
Prof. H.W. Kosterlitz


Nervecells, Transmitters and Behaviour

Study Week, 9-14 October 1978 R. Levi-Montalcini (ed) Scripta Varia 45 Vatican City, 1980 pp.... Read more