Science and the Modern World


Plenary Session 11-13 October 1978

I. Scientific research and scientific policy
Scientific research planning (G.B. Marini-Bettòlo)
Les avantages et les dangers de la politique scientifique (M. Lora-Tamayo)
The importance and needs of Canadian research in science (G. Herzberg)
Discussion (Rich, Weisskopf, Herzberg, Siddiqui, Döbereiner, Ubbelohde, Garnham, Sela, Baltimore, Chagas)
II. Science and the contemporary world
La science et le monde contemporain (P. Lépine)
Discussion (Leprince-Ringuet, Weisskopf, Lora-Tamayo, Chagas, Tuppy, Blanc-Lapierre, O'Connell, Hörstadius, Pavan, Lépine, Roche, Siddiqui, Rich, Garnham, Ubbelohde, Lecomte, Sela, Khorana, Döbereiner, Baltimore, Croxatto)
III. The limits of science
The limits of science (V.F. Weisskopf)
Discussion (Leprince-Ringuet, Baltimore, Weisskopf, Upine, Sela, Pavan, Colombo, Siddiqui, Blanc-Lapierre, Roche, Croxatto, Oort, Rich, Marini-Bettòlo, Chagas)
IV. New trends in science
Transfer RNA: three-dimensional structure and biological function (A. Rich)
Discussion (Weisskopf, Rich, Lejeune, Marini-Bettòlo, Wiesner, Ubbelohde, Chagas)

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Science and the Modern World

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