Biological and Artificial Membranes and Desalination of Water



I. Water Needs and the Importance of Desalination
1. Balancing Needs and Resources in the Use of Water (M. Batisse)
2. Nuclear Energy and Water Desalination (L. Leprince-Ringuet)
II. Structure of Biological Membranes and Methods of Membrane Study
3. Enzymatic Properties of Rat-liver cytomembranes (C. De Duve)
4. Structure of Biological Membranes; Bacteriorhodopsin and the Purple Membrane (W. Stoeckenius)
5. Interactions among Cellular Membranes. Problems and Perspectives (G.E. Palade)
III. Methods of Membrane Study
6. Electrical Methods in the Study of Biological Membranes (R.D. Keynes)
7. A Preliminary Report on the Effect of Curare and Curare like Agents on the Diffraction of a Coherent Beam of Visible Light by the isolated Electroplate (C. Chagas)
8. Phase-Plane Analysis of Propagated Electrical Activity in Muscle Cells (A.P. De Carvalho)
9. Cell Coupling in Cardiac Muscle (S. Weidmann)
IV. Ionic Permeability and Transport in Biological and Artificial Membranes. I
10. Thermodynamic Aspects of Nonelectrolyte Permeation of Lipid Bilayers (A.K. Solomon)
11. Kinetics and Energetics of Calcium Transport Squid Giant Axons (P.F. Baker)
12. Electrical Behaviour of “Excitable” Artificial Membranes (A.M. Monnier)
V. Ionic Permeability and Transport in Biological and Artificial Membeanes. II
13. Calcium Transport by Muscle Microsomes (W. Basselbach)
14. Control of ATP Hydrolysis, ATP=Pj Exchange and Membrane Phosphorylation by the Ca2+ Concentration Gradient in Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Vesicles (L. De Meis)
15. Synthesis of Adenosine Triphosphate by Way of Potassium-Sensitive Phosphoenzyme of Sodium, Potassium Adenosine Triphosphatase (R.L. Post)
16. Electrolyte Fluxes and Energy Coupling in Plant Cells (E.A.C. MacRobbie)
17. Electrophysiological Aspects of Energy Transfer in the Plasma Membrane of Neurospora (C.L. Slayman)
VI. Membrane Thermodynamics and Transport
18. Energy Transductions in Biological Systems (P.D. Boyer)
19. Electrical Excitation in Lipid Bilayers and Cell Membranes (P. Mueller)
20. Thermodynamics of Nervous Conduction (J.M. Ritchie)
VII. Artificial Membranes: Thermodynamics and Transport
21. Interpretation and Prediction of the Transport Properties of Charged Membranes using Irreversible Thermodynamics (R. Paterson)
22. Computer Prediction of Stationary States of Membranes from Differential Permeabilities (P. Meares)
23. Inorganic Ion Exchange Membranes (G. Alberti)
24. Chemical Engineering Problems Regarding Reverse Osmosis Process Operation (G. Astarita)
VIII. Artificial Membranes: Thermodynamics and Transport. I
25. Function and Structure of Membranes (A.J. Staverman)
26. Polarization at Membrane/Solution Interfaces (K.S. Spiegler)
27. Equilibria at Membrane/Solution Interfaces (O. Kedem)
28. Membrane/Solution Polarization in Dynamic Conditions (R. Passino)
IX. General Aspects of Membranes Phenomena
29. Tbe Use of Models in the Study of Complex Effects at Mosaic Membranes (K. Sollner)
30. The Feed-Back between Biology and Membrane Technology (T. Teorell)


Prof. Giulio Alberrti
Prof. Gianni Astarita
Prof. P.F. Baker
Prof. Michel Bâtisse
Prof. Paul D. Boyer
Prof. Carlos Chagas
Prof. Antonio Paes De Carvalho
Prof. Christian De Duve
Prof. Leopoldo De Meis
Prof. Wilhelm Hasselbach
Prof. Ora Kedem
Prof. Richard K. Keynes
Prof. Louis Leprince-Ringuet
Prof. Alfonso Maria Liquori
Prof. E.A.C. Maonnier
Prof. Patrick Meares
Prof. A. M. Monnler
Prof. Paul Mueller
Prof. George E. Palade
Prof. Rodolfo Paoletti
Prof. Roberto Passino
Prof. Russell Paterson
Prof. Robert L. Post
Prof. T. Murdoch Ritchie
Prof. Clifford L. Slayman
Prof. Karl Sollner
Prof. Arthur K. Solomon

Editeur des Actes
Prof. Roberto Passino

L’academie a tenu sa Séance Plénière, à laquelle ont participé les Académiciens pontificaux suivants:
Carlos Chagas, Georges Chaudron, Antonio De Almeilla, Christian De Duve, Paul A. Dirac, Percy C. Garnham, Wolfgang Gentner, Rev. Martino Giusti, Gerhard Herzberg, Sven Hörstadius, Rev. Josef Junkes, Thomas A. Lambo, Jean Lecomte, Jérôme Lejeune, Louis Leprince-Ringuet, Manuel Lora-Tamayo, Giovanni Battista Marini-Bettòlo, Sanichiro Mizushima, Severo Ochoa, Rev. Daniel P. O’Connell, Jan H. Oort, Mauro Picone, George Porter, Marcel Roche, Manuel Sandoval-Vallarta, Rev. Alfons Stickler, Rev. Patrick Treanor, Hans Tuppy, Alfred R. Ubbelohde.

Medaille d’or Pie XI
Dr. Stephen William Hawking


Biological and Artificial Membranes and Desalination of Water

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