From the Statutes:


Art. 1
The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, founded by Pius XI of hallowed memory, is placed under the exalted and direct protection of the reigning Supreme Pontiff.
Art. 2
The aim of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is to promote the progress of the mathematical, physical and natural sciences and the study of epistemological problems related thereto.
Art. 3
For the attainment of its ends the Academy:
a. holds plenary sessions of the Academicians;
b. organizes meetings to promote the progress of sciences and the solution of important scientific-technical problems, which are fundamental for the development of mankind;
c. promotes scientific investigations and researches which can contribute, in the appropriate quarters, to the exploration of moral, social and spiritual problems;
d. arranges conferences and celebrations;
e. takes care of the publication of the Proceedings of its own meetings, of the results of the scientific researches and studies of the Academicians and of other scientists.